Helka's dinner

Our á la carte menu includes Finnish and international classics. Our chefs prepares everything from the scratch by using fresh ingredients. Please have a look at our recommendation menus and wide Wine list .

Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm (kitchen -9:30pm)
Sat noon-10pm (kitchen -9:30pm)
Sun 5pm-10pm (kitchen -9:30pm)

 Direct phone number to restaurant

+358 9 613 58 672



39,00 €

Smoked salmon with sour milk sauce

Long braised reindeer in game broth with root vegetable and potato puree

Strawberry soup and yoghurt ice cream

Green salad 6,50 €

Finnish style of tapas´s:

Asparagus cappuccino, hunter´s sandwich and

house made lamb sausage with mustard

11,90 €
Creamy smoked salmon soup with rye malt bread 9,90/14,90 €
Asparagus soup with egg pastry 9.90/14,90 €
Glow fried white fish with dill potatoes and false morel stew 25,90 €
Grilled sirloin with truffle and potato croquette, lamb sausage and red wine sauce 28.90 €
Asparagus and barley risotto with fried Kolattu goat cheese 18,90 €
Grilled roast of deer with dark malt sauce and roast potatoes 26,90 €
Rootvegetable burger with chips 14,90 €
Helka´s burger with chips 15,90 €
Slightly smoked salmon with country style salad 17,90 €
Half a portion half price
Chocolate cake with lingonberry sherbet 9,40 €
House made orange and chocolate ice cream 9,40 €
Grilled cranberry sour milk cake with cranberry sherbet 9,40 €

Selection of ice creams (blueberry, cinnamon, vanilla)

 and sherbets (cranberry, raspberry, organic strawberry)

4,20 €